Cirpit Review – n. 3 – marzo/2012

494We welcome all readers, informing them that our Cirpit Review (CR) is in a new edition from its first issue of 2012. It will be published in collaboration with Mimesis, being part of a project that will also cover a Series of books dedicated to Raimon Panikkar (Triquetra Raimon Panikkar’s IntraNet). The two international initiatives will be edited by two Advisory Boards . Our Cirpit Review will be distributed internationally both in print and digital format through Google.books and Mimesis bookshop and will appear on our website in a partial version. The Review (CR) will keep its multilingual configuration, according to the principle of equal dignity of cultures and languages and will consist of an Annual Issue (in March) and a Supplement (October). Regarding the latter we are pleased to offer this editorial space to the Members of our Association and of our Editorial Boards, allocating it to the Proceedings of their Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums and to CIRPIT’s itself. We hope that all members and scholars will participate actively in our project by sending us their writings, articles, essays, reviews and contributions. In consideration of the two principal landmarks of our Statute concerning the annual children’s benefit fund and the initial scholarship just turned into a new and larger publishing offer, we hope that our effort, aimed particularly at young scholars, will encourage more studies devoted to interculture and to Raimon Panikkar, being at the same time of help and encouragement for all of us. Our Cirpit-Mimesis project will of course remain open to be eventually extended to any further new partnerships . We would also take this occasion to thank all the collaborators of the Review (CR) and the Editorial Board, along the Editorial Coordinator Anna M. Natalini and the Chief Editor Paolo Calabrò. We want to thank especially Mimesis Editions, in particular Pierre Della Vigna and Roberto Revello for their willingness and expertise and for accepting our project and making it possible.
M. Roberta Cappellini

Scarica Cirpit Review – n. 3 – marzo/2012